Office & Marketing Manager
Associate Broker

Jennifer Garceau
Jennifer loves providing excellent service to her colleagues and clients! No matter how busy she is with compliant management, financial controlling, or planning our next epic client event, she always greets you with a smile and makes you feel welcome at the office.

Jennifer grew up in Germany and has always been fascinated by home design – she even considered becoming an architect. Her business acumen led her in a different direction, however, and she graduated university with a degree in marketing. Today, she has found a way to combine both passions, and the real estate business is the perfect fit for her.

As a military spouse, Jennifer moved to Colorado from Germany, so she knows firsthand how intimidating selling, moving, and finding a home can be. She aims to create a unique selling or buying experience for her clients while guiding them through the complexities of real estate transactions in a stress-free way. Jennifer’s goal is to build a genuine relationship with you, based on open and honest communication, personal connection and helpful information—even long after your closing.

In her free-time, Jennifer enjoys skiing, biking, hiking and camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her family, and she loves being a Soccer Mom for her three boys.



Office: (303) 805-9551 ext 107
Email: [email protected]